Week 4

There’s no trying to hide it; I previously attempted to mask a fairly uneventful week by saturating it with my thoughts on the lessons that I’ve learned and reflecting on my progress to date. Yawn…

So, no more sugar-coating, let’s just get it all out of the way now and say that Week 3 was fucking shit. Not just shit; fucking shit.

Apologies for the profanities, but at least it’s emphasised the extremity of the point I was making and we can now move on.

And on that notion, I am very happy to report that Week 4 has been the polar opposite of my experiences over the previous seven days, and the productivity is all owed to a knight in shining armour that came in the most bizarre form.

You see, on Sunday, I was undertaking a spot of housework and needed to pull the clothes maiden out of the built-in wardrobe – a generally menial task in usual circumstances, but was rendered somewhat complex in this instance due to an internal overcrowding issue.

In the struggle that ensued, I felt a slight twinge and then a sudden rush of pain in the lower-back area… Shit.

When my girlfriend arrived back from the supermarket – having completed her end of the ‘you-nip-to-the-shop-and-I’ll-do-the-laundry’ bargain – she found me crumpled on the bed, writhing in agony with my duties still unfulfilled. To make matters worse, she extracted the maiden from the closet with ease. Typical.

That was that then, I’d put my back out and so spent Monday between the sofa and bed, unsuccessfully trying to ascertain how to assume the most comfortable position. However, there was to be a silver lining to my cloud.

As I had freed myself from all other non-back related distractions, I was therefore able to work my way through a number of articles which I had lined up for that week, thus providing me with a taster of what my desired lifestyle would be like.

The work was actually piling up; firstly, the betting agency that employed my services for the ten Melbourne Cup blogs asked for an additional four on top. Also, the staff relocation article was ready to complete, after the questionnaires/interviews had been returned. Then there was two or three blogs required for my football site through the week, so all-in-all, I had a lot on my plate.

However, in the space of one morning, I had completed six of the Melbourne Cup blogs – all I have to do now is get one posted every other day – along with the staff relocation article and for the first time, I was able to put an hourly rate to my efforts.

I was shocked to find that I earned $80 per hour for that morning’s work – motivating to say the least.

I have since received repeat business from the ‘staff relocation’ client, and coupled with the extra work which the betting company requested, I’d say that’s also very positive.

In regards to the pieces which I’ve undertaken purely for experience; I had a Skype meeting with the ‘what’s on’ guide client on Sunday and that will hopefully pick up over the next few weeks. Apparently, there a chance to earn some decent figures down the line too, but for the moment, I’m just happy to gain further know-how.

Also, my environmental client from back home did eventually get in touch; they loved the article and it has since been posted on their website.

The final thing to report for this week is that I’m putting the finishing touches to my travel blog pitch for The Guardian newspaper. My friend on the inside is helping me tweak it, so that should be submitted by the start of next week at the very latest. Please keep your fingers crossed for me. And your toes. And anything else that crosses.

At the point where things appear to be moving at a steady pace, it wouldn’t be wise to take a road-trip to Sydney with your family that you’ve not seen in two years. However, that is exactly what’s happening.

My family arrives in the early hours of Tuesday morning and whilst I’ll be lapping up every minute of their company, I’m still hoping to have the odd ‘Business Time’ in the morning to continue my progress.

But the thing is that I’m not expecting much, so you shouldn’t either.