Weeks 9-10

Shitting hell – I did it again.

Despite my best intentions not to miss another week, the hunt for a new job completely cocked everything up and I ended up skipping last Friday’s entry.

As I’ve mentioned previously, whilst I’m still looking to eventually move from being a corporate slave into a self-employed free spirit, the real transition will begin in November 2014, as I will be back in the UK by then.

All my efforts at this stage are just giving me a head-start really – my main focus is to save enough money here in Australia to be able to head over to South & Central America for a few months next year.

So, as my contract in my last workplace ended two weeks ago, last week was all about finding new employment. This meant meetings with recruiters and working two days in a warehouse – which, for the record, was thoroughly enjoyable – before I was finally offered an ongoing temp role for a large drinks manufacturer/distributor on Friday. The sigh of relief that I breathed wasn’t just huge, it was colossally gigantic (that’s bigger than huge, right?)

My new job started on Monday and I’m fairly confident that I’ll be back in the swing of things within the next week or two, once I’m able to complete my work tasks with less conscious effort.

Enough of that; what have I been up to on the more interesting side of things, I hear you ask? Well, it’s not all been stagnant since my last entry, but I have moved away from seeking new clients for the time-being, as an interesting opportunity has arisen that is definitely worth exploring further.

This particular prospect all started back in Week 1, when I was discussing my career idea with my best mate from back home. He asked if I could knock up an article for him on haircuts, as he himself is setting up a company offering social network solutions and had created an example website – which was for a fictional hair salon in a Manchester suburb – in order to give a visual aid to potential clients. As he said this could potentially lead to a lot of paid business in the future and considering that he’s a mate, I offered to write it for free.

Within time, I was asked to produce content for the fictional website’s Homepage and About Us section too, which gave me the opportunity to fabricate a colourful company history ranging from run-ins with mobsters and near bankruptcy, right through to winning prestigious awards and styling Royal hair.

This turned out to be a very enjoyable task and as I was happy to help out a mate, I again declined payment for the services. It was about this point when my mate divulged more information in regards to his company’s offering and asked if I would like to more involvement than just writing articles on an ad-hoc basis.

Now, this would mean slightly straying from my initial plan, but from past experience, I realise that when you set out on your own in the business world, sometimes openings that are presented to you have to be grasped with both hands. This can ultimately mean going off on a tangent, but it can be for the greater good.

After weighing up the factors in the situation, I came to the conclusion that this is too good an opportunity to pass up and if I’m honest, there’s no-one I’d rather work alongside in a business venture. So, I accepted and I’m now on board.

My role is to manage all of the content on the company’s marketing material and website, as well as writing articles for clients. For the foreseeable future, I’ll be invoicing him for my time – so, not too far from what I’m seeking to do anyway.

My mate is also still employed at the moment and the company is very much at the beginning of its inception. Therefore, my spare time in the last two weeks have been spent drafting company logos and website/marketing content. However, it’s all on hold now, as I was advised that we haven’t got the foundations in place just yet, so we’re spending this weekend writing up a business plan, cash flow projection etc – generally just going back to the basics.

I have had time to tie up a couple of other loose ends, and I’ll still be writing the odd bit elsewhere in the foreseeable future. For example, I finished an article on visa regulations for migrant workers and I’m writing a full website for finance company, but the latter is on hold as I’m waiting to hear back regarding a number of regulatory questions that I posed to them.

Then there’s also the recipe site and the what’s-on guide that I’m contributing to: I wrote my first recipe last night and I’ll be sending my first restaurant review over to the what’s on guide this weekend.

So, whilst the primary focus is now on the business, there’s still a workflow coming in elsewhere. However, perhaps this should eventually be incorporated into the company – I’m not sure to be honest.

I’m just happy that a bit of normality has returned to my 9-5 life, so that I can now focus on my escape route – whatever that turns out to be – on a more consistent basis.




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