Weeks 11-17

It would seem as though I’ve been a bit lazy with things over the past six weeks or so, considering how there’s not been a single entry since the start of December. However, the reasons behind my complete failure to keep a consistent stream of posts stem solely from the fact that I’ve simply not had enough hours in the day to do most other things.

First of all, in little over 5 weeks, I’ll be leaving Australia to go travelling for the following 9 or 10 months or so. This has meant that I’ve had to incorporate a whole load of planning and scheduling into my daily itinerary, usually for a couple of hours or so after work.

Then there’s South Stand Grumps, my Manchester City blog that has also been extremely neglected. Without even realising, a 5 or 6 week gap between entries appeared there too, which is criminal if you ask me. So, an executive intervention was required and after deciding to change the format to a weekly post on a relevant topic, it’s been much more manageable, and Sunday mornings have been spared for these entries.

Finally, and the most time-consuming of all, is the business start-up. I mentioned in my last post that an opportunity came up with a friend. Well, this has continued to snowball since then and we’re pretty much at the brink of going live.

So, when I’ve not been working the day job, writing about City or planning for my onward travels, every other second of free time has been spent writing business plans, cash-flow projections, building websites & marketing documents, and just anything else that has cropped up. I have literally been absorbed in all of this most weekends.

The biggest issue I have, however, is that it seems as though the more commitments I gain, the less time I have to fulfil them. For example, in the past, I could incorporate most of my other obligations into my 9-5 work-day: I’d spend my hour-long lunch in front of the computer, or turn a quiet Friday afternoon into something more productive.

However, since starting these temporary jobs since early December, it’s been so fast-paced that I’ve simply not had the time to do anything but work, really. Appalling, isn’t it?

Also, despite going to bed extremely early, I’ve also found myself unable to nod-off until quite late, meaning that I’m sleeping through ‘business time’ (although, the only reason why I’m able to write this is that I actually woke up at 4:30am on a Thursday morning. This could be a good start).

So, yeah. I’ve been busy, and now that I’m done regurgitating my barrel-full of excuses, onto my progress…

First of all, in order to focus solely on the business, I’m currently not searching for any writing work. It’s not as drastic a change in proceedings, however, as the business is coming along nicely and within time, it’ll mean that I can come full-circle with my plans.

So, what is it that the business does, I hear you ask? Well, we’re delving into the Social Media world and offering a product that allows companies to post to all of their portals with just one simple email. Not entirely unique, but good enough. On top of that flagship, we’ll be looking to offer the full spectrum of services to help with site traffic, increase of sales etc.

My role is to manage the content side of things. This means that once we’re up and running, I’ll be writing blogs on behalf of clients while dabbling with a few other bits. So, like I said, it’s very much incorporating my plans of writing full-time, but just a bit jazzed up.

At this current point-in-time – and as with any start-up – for every task we complete, several others emerge. This is probably because that in order to keep the start-up costs to a minimum, we’ve been doing everything ourselves. Therefore, we’re slightly behind our target but it’s not to say that we’re disheartened.

I do have previous experience in setting up a company and so have been putting that to good use with the business plan et al, whilst also chipping in with everything and anything, including website building.

The site is almost at an acceptable level for us to start directing clients to – so please feel free to have a butchers – but it’s nowhere near where we want it to be. There’ll be many tweaks along the way and once we get a few clients on board, we can probably afford to have a professional knock something up for us. This will have to do for now, though.

We’re about to send out our first targeted mail-shot and we have a few sales guys willing to work on a commission only basis, so very soon we can expect to have at least a dribble of leads coming in.

As we’re targeting the UK market to begin with and I’m not going to be in England for the majority of this year, I’ll be continuing to assist from afar, putting in a few hours a day while I travel. Once I’m back in the country, I’m hoping that it will be at a level for me to just jump straight in on a full-time basis.

So, that’s where I’m up to. At this point, I think it’d be complete bullshit if I said that I could maintain weekly updates. I can’t. Plain and simple. Monthly updates could be a possibility, however.