My Story

A Short Tale…

Shaun Rudden was an average chap living an average life. He worked in an average office job and lived in an average house in an average suburb.

He was bored.

One day, following his routine Tuesday walk to the supermarket, he decided that a change was in order and put a plan in place to travel the world.

18 months later, and following the addition of a lovely new girlfriend, Shaun fulfilled his dreams when they both embarked upon an overland journey across Europe to the far-away lands of Russia and Asia; making it all the way from Manchester, UK to Singapore without taking a single flight. From there, they flew to Cairns, Australia and drove down to Melbourne where they currently reside.

As well as tasking himself to see as much of the world as possible whilst away from England, Shaun was also hoping to gain some form of awareness as to what he wanted to do with his life upon his inevitable return to the country. Trudging along in various sales-based roles had worn thin for our intrepid traveller, and so a new career was to be decided before the trip was to end.

Little did he know, but he’d already found his dream career; it was right under his nose but he just didn’t realise it yet. You see, Shaun had started a travel blog in order to keep his family and friends informed of his overseas adventures. But since residing in Melbourne, the blog was rendered rather redundant, considering the main objective of the break was for Shaun and his girlfriend, Anne to work and save further funds for one more overland trip, this time across South and Central America in 2014.

It was in this break that Shaun decided to write about subjects other than travel. As he’s a keen football fan, the most obvious choice would be to blog on his favourite football team, Manchester City. So, our little fellow created his own site and things soon spiralled until one day, it smacked him right in the face; ‘I could write for a living’, he said with much content.

He began to spend most of his free-time researching how to accomplish this new ambition and he stumbled upon many options which were previously unbeknown to him. This was a whole new world for Shaun to explore and the prospects excited him greatly.

Following his initial research, he formed a new plan, as plan’s had served him so well before. Shaun’s idea was to create as much of a portfolio as his little hands could muster in his remaining five months in Australia, and if this meant working for free then so be it. Then, when he finally leaves the land down-under, he is hoping to pitch his travel scribings across South & Central America to one or more publications as a way to supplement his income whilst on the road.

Then, with a little bit of hard work, perseverance and luck, he will have enough of a portfolio to see him take on his writing career in a full-time capacity once he finally returns to Manchester in late 2014.

Shaun decided that documenting his efforts would be a great way of evaluating his ongoing progress, but could also make for good reading to others; surely a blog about a man trying to blog for a living is interesting?

He will be posting weekly updates of his trials and tribulations and he thanks you for visiting.

View Shaun’s other work here:

South Stand Grumps – A Manchester City Blog

Lost And Found – Shaun & Anne’s Travels


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